AI and the Future of WORK

AI and the future of work created by AI sites.

An Homage to SMART Objectives

The SMART acronym maybe suggests more usefulness than it often delivers.

An homage to compliance training

Do you really ever learn anything, remember anything, from those hours of e-learning modules you do when you start a new job!

Passion Project

On the Football Focus TV show prior to the 2021 FA Cup Final Kasper Schmeichel made  an implicit distinction between the owners of Leicester City Football Club and those of the ‘big six’ in the premier league, who were part of a group of 12 leading clubs across Europe that Continue Reading

Purpose with James Bolle

In this episode James Bolle of PRPSFUL explains the importance of organisational purpose in driving employee engagement and ultimately financial profitability. He describes purpose as something different to corporate social responsibility (although not mutually exclusive), where individuals achieve real psychological meaning in their work and working through the organisation. James gives the Continue Reading