Challenging Coaching with Ian Day

Ian Day describes the journey with John Blakey to developing the FACTS coaching model, which controversially gives the coach a more more active role in the coaching process.

Health & safety culture

In this episode, Tracy Hill, Director of Jigsaw Safety Training, describes how an effective health & safety culture is much more than having a policy and delivering statutory training. It

Purpose with James Bolle

In this episode James Bolle of PRPSFUL explains the importance of organisational purpose in driving employee engagement and ultimately financial profitability. He describes purpose as something different to corporate social responsibility (although

Snakes, Gangs, and Brain Tumours – pushing the boundaries of management development with Richard Egan

This fascinating interview was recorded with Rich Egan founder of Rich Learning Solutions.  Rich describes how he has used snakes in training and is currently developing a management programme that will work with ex-gang members to deliver an authentic and profound learning experience for managers.  At the heart of this Continue Reading