Silent Partners by Vis a Vis

40 years on

Almost 40 years ago I was in a band at school called Vis a Vis.  We only played a few gigs before we went our separate ways – literally, i’ve not seen any of the guys since.  We did one demo session (cassette), that we sent out to record labels, as you did back then.  We got one response, from mute records, which thanked us ‘with photocopied sincerity’.  It wasn’t to be.  It did however trigger a creative spark and confidence that has both guided and frustrated me through my career. 

So 40 years on, feeling nostalgic one Sunday afternoon, I gathered together some mostly free assets and made a belated promotional video.  

Vis a Vis: Tim B. (keyboards), Kev H (guitars), Kev A (saxophone), me – Sven, as I was known then (vocals).