Experiential Learning with Dan Barnfield

Photo by Morgan David de Lossy on Unsplash

In this episode with Dan Barnfield, Director Developing Potential (UK) and an outdoor training specialist (one of many talents), we discuss the benefits of experiential learning. Dan uses Kolb’s experiential learning cycle model to explain how experience is vital component of learning – and this can be enriched away from the social norms of the workplace, such as the great outdoors, or even conference centres.

As we define the ‘new normal’ for our work routines, learning seems to be already set on a necessary and fast track to digital solutions. Experiential outdoor learning perhaps already feels like an anachronism (although maybe VR has a fix). To this end, Dan describes how the principles are still relevant today within blended learning, as a means of complimenting digital solutions that lend themselves more to abstract learning within Kolb’s model.

I’d like to thank Dan for giving his time and sharing his knowledge and enthusiasm about all things learning.