Challenging Coaching with Ian Day

In this podcast I had the pleasure of talking with Ian Day, the co-author of the book Challenging Coaching.  He describes why he and Dr John Blakey felt compelled to challenge the established practices of coaching.  Following feedback from clients and their own research they concluded that in order support leaders in tackling increasingly complex and demanding challenges, the coach could not be the ‘non-directive agent’. Giving feedback to a client crosses a line. This feedback was given to Ian and John!

So the FACTS coaching model was born: Feedback, Accountability, Courageous goals, Tension, and Systems thinking.

Personally, I absolutely love this model.  While Ian positions it as the cornerstones of coaching practice, I’ve also used it as a problem-solving process for establishing and working toward Courageous goals.  If you are not familiar with the model or are going through significant change, it is definitely worth considering.  

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