An homage to compliance training

I’ve changed jobs a lot. So I’ve done my fair share of compliance training.  For more than a decade of my career I’ve even overseen the compliance training process.  

I’ve been in countless discussions about whether a wall of e-learning is effective and why the combined experience is so long and dull.  

To be fair to content makers, e-learning content is constantly improving. And to be fair to organisations, we live in a highly regulated world.

This video is a nod to the conflict between only telling employees what they absolutely need when they start and ticking off wider content requirements of a particularly topic – and therein overloading the learner / new starter.

With one particular team we looked at the fire policy as an example and it literally said, in the event of a fire, just get out of the building.  Nothing about fire triangles or convection…..

This video is also a nod to the likes of the comedian and satirist Matt Green on twitter who puts a couple of 2 min 20 seconds videos every couple of days using a two-character format.  Producing such quality content at that pace is impressive.  I’m working on it.