Purpose with James Bolle

James Bolle, Director of PRPSFL

In this episode James Bolle of PRPSFUL explains the importance of organisational purpose in driving employee engagement and ultimately financial profitability. He describes purpose as something different to corporate social responsibility (although not mutually exclusive), where individuals achieve real psychological meaning in their work and working through the organisation. James gives the example of someone not taking a day off to do a CSR project, such as to volunteering to tidy a communal garden, because they see their own work adding more social value.

James makes clear that the concept of organisational purpose is not just for socially oriented organisations, as we can identify with many different purposes. For an organisation then, it is important to clarify its purpose. This may require a process of discovery, or even rediscovery.

James has this wonderful ability to link research and theory with the real world. In this episode he also shares perspectives on how purpose will have increasing relevance as we reflect our way through the Covid 19 pandemic and the personal and organisational challenges this brings.

Below are the books mentioned by James.