An Homage to SMART Objectives

Just a bit of fun with the untouchable SMART acronym.  I’m utterly convinced that for most people involved in objectives, you’re better off just focusing on the idea of objectives, being Relevant and Achievable.  Just being able to remember your objectives would be great.  Everything is detail (which may be necessary for some!)!

As I say, this video is just a bit of fun around why acronym has stood the test of time, even if proves challenging. 


I storyboarded this around just the world grid and scrabble pieces, but it was quickly clear it wasn’t visually dynamic enough. So I had to come up with some additional content.  I stuck with visual words and letters theme.  I think I got away with it.  Doing the scrabble pieces was a pain as I had my green cloth on the kitchen table which resulted in wrinkles and shadows.  

As trying to do a lot of projects decided to just move forward and learn from mistakes rather than go back and reshoot things!  ENTP style!!!