AI and the Future of WORK

AI and the future of work created by AI sites.

An Homage to SMART Objectives

The SMART acronym maybe suggests more usefulness than it often delivers.

An homage to compliance training

Do you really ever learn anything, remember anything, from those hours of e-learning modules you do when you start a new job!

I wrote a novel

Sanj had a 10 year plan to write a novel.  After 3 versions and 500,000 words written, the final version is with agencies.  So, what did he learn from this passion project?  Sanj shares his reflections on the journey and the process of both being creative and relentlessly productive over Continue Reading

See you on the other side

In lockdown 1, I made a video to promote a couple of webinars about ‘working from home’ and ‘returning from furlough’. The webinars never happened, but I thought I would share, as it’s quite interesting to compare thinking between then and now.