The Dark Side of Personality

Photo by Ursula Spaulding on Unsplash 

On a typical, good day, people get to see our best side – our bright side. Under times of stress, pressure, or even self-indulgence, however, people might get to see the more extremes of our personality. Our derailers. Our dark side.

In this podcast, Gillian Hyde, Chief Psychologist at PCL explains how the Hogan Development Survey can shed light on our extremes of personality and how they can adversely impact on our relationships, our reputations and our success.

Gillian highlights that in this current period of disruption, it is important to both understand how our derailers might impact our work and our relations, and have empathy for others, who might also not be having their typical, good day and showing their best side.

It’s a fascinating listen and many thanks to Gillian for her time and support.