Snakes, Gangs, and Brain Tumours – pushing the boundaries of management development with Richard Egan

Rich Egan from Rich Learning Learning Solutions

This fascinating interview was recorded with Rich Egan founder of Rich Learning Solutions.  Rich describes how he has used snakes in training and is currently developing a management programme that will work with ex-gang members to deliver an authentic and profound learning experience for managers.  At the heart of this approach is the use of emotional intelligence to fundamentally support others and affect change, and the comfort, stretch, panic model that gets to a deeper level of engagement.  Rich also shares his own personal journey that is partly behind his pushing of the boundaries.

Note that Rich drops a couple of f-bombs in this podcast.  As he says, the odd swear word may be the least of your challenges as a manager!  Absolutely loved doing this interview.  It was pre-CV and recorded in the Cafe Nero next to Birmingham New Street station – so a bit of background noise for those who are missing it!   

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